Wonderfully Unusual Activities in Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of cultural activities to offer and anyone traveling in Amsterdam is likely to want to visit the newly renovated Rijksmuseum and the Anne Open Museum. However, this city offers many offbeat activities that will give tourists an unique and strange experience. Hébergement insolite

Ways of exploring in Amsterdam

Visitors to the location will expect many in order to get around metropolis by bicycle or channel boat, nevertheless they may well not expect to be able to experience a pedalo value hunt. This quirky trip is proposed by FunkiMunki Leisure time Limited and will take you with an orienteering excitement around the network of waterways. If roller-skating is your thing you could connect the Friday Night time Skate, which has recently been running since 1997. That they meet up at a bench in the Vondelpark. 

Quirky Museums

Of course the Rijksmuseum will be on your agenda, but don’t miss out on a lot more unusual museum options available for those traveling in Amsterdam. Visiting the Corpus Museum of the Human Body is sure to be stranger than most as it is housed in a huge replica body of a human! You will be taken on a journey of discovery through the entire body and will notice, see and feel how our bodies work.

Pertaining to anyone with an interest in our body bordering on the ghoulish, a visit to Museum Vrolik AMC may be to your taste. It exhibits human being body parts and is unquestionably not for the weak hearted. Another museum with a positive change is Electric Ladyland, which is the first memorial of fluorescent art. The idea is the reality you don’t just view the art as you would in conventional museums but that you feel part of it. The museum also holds selections of fluorescent minerals from across the world and the colorings are truly dazzling. Pertaining to cat lovers a visit to KattenKabinet is a must. It is a tiny museum lovingly devoted to cats, represented in fine art from paintings to images.

Unique Dining and Consuming

Eating in the 1920s green house isn’t something you will do every day but you can do it here! The master of Restaurant de Kas is a previous Michelin-starred chef which is reflected in the caliber of the food. A five-course menu will tempt you with pumpkin cooked with ladronzuelo and melon soup with crab, as an example. It is an strange and beautiful dining experience.

Visiting Bazar will take you into a world of eclectic design affects with d? cor similar of mosques, synagogues and churches. The mix won’t stop there though as the meals is also a combination of Middle Eastern, North African and Asian impact on.

If you like to eat your dinner by candlelight you should try De Wagg on Nieuwmarkt, which is a sophisticated restaurant housed in a Medieval Weighing House. In the event that you’re not in the mood for fine kitchen and junk food is on the agenda, the uniquely Nederlander vending machine takeaways may be an option. Febo are a series of these and you will purchase croquets, frikandels or whatever you fancy – straight away of a machine.

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