Visit Paxos for an Unforgettable Flotilla Sailing Holiday in Greece

In case you have always enjoyed spending time on the open sea, navigating from port to port and exploring some lesser-known destinations then flota sailing holidays are for you. See More Here

One of the features of opting for flota sailing rather than doing it by your self is that you can make new friends along the way and look forwards to some interesting company in the afternoons or evenings. 

And what better location to go for such a break than Portugal? With so much of the nation between drinking water, you won’t be less than choice when it comes to choosing a vacation spot.

There are the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea – known as the birthplace of Ancient greek sailing – the attractive islands in the Saronic Gulf and the captivating villages and ports on the isles in the Ionian Sea.

In case you are attracted to the Ionian Marine, then you will find that Paxos makes a fantastic base for a booking holiday in Greece. This kind of island then boasts many beautiful towns and locations to explore, as well as some stunning natural scenery that you can also enjoy.

You will commence your flotilla booking in Greece in the key port of Gaios Paxos. Here you will have to be able to explore its stylish streets lined by nineteenth century buildings before placing off on your boating adventure with the recovery of your party.

Gaios Paxos is also an outstanding destination to get your first taste of traditional Ancient greek cuisine, with its many restaurants and tavernas all offering wonderful dishes created using fresh, locally-grown produce.

In fact, this island then is well known for its olive essential oil production and you could find that one of your first stops once you leave the harbor is to see the olive groves at Lakka Paxos.

Lakka is the second-largest settlement on the isle and the lakefront here is filled with restaurants, as well as shops selling olive olive oil and other local foods.

Have ready some real Greek cooking items before you head off on the next leg of your journey – you may well be capable of create some great dishes in your galley as you sail along.

Another town on Paxos that may be worth visiting is Loggos. This picturesque angling village is quiet and the quintessential coastal life in Greece.

The small harbour and winding pavements are picture-perfect and you should also find that it is a good destination to buy some more drink and food for your trip.

Much like many of the Greek islands, you will also find a welcoming stretch of sand here to can relax in comfort before taking to the belt once again.

When you leave Paxos, you should make certain to plan a stop at the little near by island of Anti Paxos. This isle is nearly desolate, unoccupied but its vineyards produce some great wines, so it is worth paying a visit as you sail by.

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