Unique Suitability Of Timber Buildings In Sites With Restricted Access

Hardwood or wooden buildings made out of Machine Profile Log (MPL), have unique characteristics in both manufacture and development which makes them a great choice where there is narrow or restricted gain access to site. A wood made (MPL) building can provide all the features of a lasting building which is independently designed, in addition to the very quick construction times which derive from the off-site manufacture. A 100m2 MPL timber building can be completed in as few as 28 days: which also makes a wooden building suitable for educational facilities where a summer holiday build is required. mobile field shelters

What types of site restrictions can a timber building get over?

The individually machine manufactured logs normally arrive in packs, which are just 1m square in level and width. Pack sizes can be specified in advance high is significantly restricted access. This has many advantages over other types of off-site production, such as modular, where large panels can require either cranes or large access for safe delivery. 

Overhead cables. A solid wood MPL structure will not generally require craneage and can be moved to the purpose of construction with a tele-handler or part loader. This packs can easily be moved below any overhead cables without delays on site although expensive re-location of cords and inconvenience to the neighbours is negotiated.

Small access. A timber building moved onto site by side-loader can be by mechanical means delivered without real cost implication provided the thickness is sufficient for the side-loader (approx 7’6″). Wherever sites are so limited that even this triggers an issue the firewood can be manually transferred along any pathway vast enough for a person to walk.

Environmental Tenderness. A wooden building of MPL design is a dry construction type which is off-site manufactured. Right now there is no need for noisy or disruptive devices on-site, allowing construction to proceed with minimal disturbance: not only to the neighbours, but even with nesting birds. Generally in most circumstances there is no need for on-site chemicals either so there is not any odour to cause distress or COSHH issues, and incredibly little slicing of timbers on site which means nominal sawdust only and no air-borne dust such as that created by cement or plaster mixes.

Weather. With an MPL timber building there are no “wet” trades. This means that freezing or wet weather does not delay improvement. The logs continue to be added throughout the cold-snap or rain and this permits the build schedule to stay on course – even in the winter.

Sustainability. In addition to all the above, a timber or solid wood building is also a sustainable building so it will have the least impact on the environment throughout its manufacture, structure and when time comes (in 80 ++++ years! ) its eventual demolition. This also can make it more suitable to sites in which a sustainable building is specified.

Time Constraints. Many new buildings are being created to replace an older building which is still being used. In this situation you need the build to be completed as quickly as possible to minimise influence on the business. A 100sqm wooden building (MPL) can be completed in as little as 28 days and nights.

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