Ultimate Mental Math Trick – How to Tell the Day for Any Date

Would you be able to tell the day for any date without a timetable within reach? Is that extremely conceivable?

It is really a straightforward ability that any one can learn. It is likewise exceptionally down to earth as you may dependably consider your accessibility for an action or an occasion or you simply need to know the day of anybody’s birthday. All you require is a tad of training, at that point you can rapidly and effortlessly tell the day of the seven day stretch of basically any date in history or later on. math tricks for kids

Here’s the Secret

You may need to retain a few codes to take in this trap, yet they are anything but difficult to recall.

In the first place, we relegate a code number to each day of the week. 

Monday – 1

Tuesday – 2

Wednesday – 3

Thursday – 4

Friday – 5

Saturday – 6

Sunday – 7 or 0

Second, we dole out a code number for each long stretch of the year. These month codes are utilized for consistently with two special cases. In a jump year, the month code for January is 5 and for February is 1. The month codes with the relating memory aides are as per the following:

January – 6 (WINTER has 6 letters)

February – 2 (second month)

Walk – 2 (You walk with 2 feet)

April – 5 (APRIL has 5 letters)

May – 0 (MAY0 for mayonnaise)

June – 3 (JUN has 3 letters)

July – 5 (JULIE has 5 letters)

August – 1 (August starts with an A, the first letter)

September – 4 (SEPT has 4 letters)

October – 6 (Halloween TRICKS or TREATS have 6 letters each)

November – 2 (second a month ago)

December – 4 (XMAS has 4 letters)

Third, we allocate a code number for consistently. For instance, the year code for 2011 is 6.

The Formula

Day of the week = (Month code + Date + Year Code) mod 7

Note: mod 7 shows the rest of get when you partition by 7.


What is the day for July 16, 2011?

Day of the week = (Month code + Date + Year Code) mod 7

Day of the week = (5 + 16 + 6) mod 7 = 27 mod 7 = 6 (Therefore, it’s a Saturday)

What is the day for December 25, 2011?

Day of the week = (Month code + Date + Year Code) mod 7

Day of the week = (4 + 25 + 6) mod 7 = 35 mod 7 = 0 (Therefore, it’s a Sunday)

Yahoo! With consistent practice, you are currently prepared to be the strolling schedule. Astound your companions, partners, understudies, instructors and every other person.

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