The Evolution of English Football Shirts & Replica Kits

Inside the early days of the modern football game in England there was almost no in the way of football clothing for football fans to show their club allegiances. Ao Bong Da

Basketball Replica kits were not on sale to enthusiasts in those early times, how strange it might seem to be given that the country’s top teams played out in kits that don’t feature either a manufacturer’s name nor a sponsor’s name and logo. 

Back those halcyon days footy fans would more often than not be dressed up in t-shirt, tie & suit and would show their colors with a scarf or bobble-hat knotted by their mother. On a special occasion such as a cup final, fans might even stretch to using a rosette on the spencer!

As the modern basketball era has come along football shirts have developed and a plethora of football replica kits, training kits and football tee shirts are now available for footy fans.

Gone are the traditional heavy cotton soccer shirts, a modern day footballer has in lightweight nylon/lycra t shirts. Today’s fans can buy a replica kit and possess their support by using the same tops that their footballing heroes wear on the match-day.

These reproduction kits represent a huge marketing chance for golf clubs in the form of attracting significant sums from kit manufacturers and tee shirt sponsors and sadly the fans need to pay a very high price for these cheaply produced shirts.

Many fans demonstration against this commercialisation of the game and choose to buy retro sports shirts in the old style, free of any corporate logos. Alternatively enthusiasts are now able to choose from a variety of sports t-shirts that are targeted more directly at sports fans and the areas of their club that are very important to them.

The most popular football t shirts are those that other fans of a supporters’ club will appreciate, but could be lost on “outsiders”, as well as other t-shirts that share the wearer’s favourite players, their club’s successes, their support for their team or often their odium of a rival membership.

The current season has seen some interesting changes in our Football T shirts market, especially with Aston Villa opting to go without a shirt sponsorship package and advertise ‘Acorns’, a local children’s hospice on their shirts.

West Bromwich Albion were unable to sign up a t-shirt sponsor so started the season with an ordinary kit with no sponsor’s logo, a glance which has proved popular between many other clubs’ fans.

Western Ham’s original sponsor XL collapsed and this come in West Ham participating in shirts with the old sponsors’ logos protected up. Fans lobbied for the shirts to feature logos from the Bobby Moore charity in the absence of any new sponsorship deal, but a brand new deal has subsequently recently been agreed with SBOBET.

What ever happens to the beautiful game down the road, you can make certain that football enthusiasts will continue to show their colours, wearing sports replica kits and sports t-shirts. There is no better sight than Wembley in May, packed with soccer fans decked out in the colours of their team.

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