Skateboarding Accessories

With all the current new companies making pleasure decks and accessories their hard to know which brands are the most effective. If you have been skating for a little bit you have already found out that this really comes down to personal prefrence. But you have to start out somehwere and why spend money. Skateboard Accessories Factory

An entire skateboard contains several different parts. The deck, griptape, trucks, tires and berings. Also there is hardware which means the nuts and mounting bolts which hold the vans onto the deck and the wheels onto the trucks. 

Which brands are the best. Well like I said eairler it is your own prefrence, but once you stick with it is the good idea to buy brands like Shorties, Tensor, Lucky, Separate. Companies like shorties make complete kits you can get at your local skate shop or online, it will have everything required to track up your board. Tensor makes awsome trucks which last a good while even with lots of grinding. Lucky makes some of the best berrings you can find. Individual make decks but the majority of all kick ass pickup trucks. Independant trucks have recently been reputed for a very long time to be one of the most durable trucks you can get.

Just ask around. Asking people what they think is the best choice. Dont buy something even though it appears cool, it probley break the next day. Proceed to the local skateshop discussion to one of the guys there that actually skates. See what this individual uses.

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