Round Italian Modular Sterling Jewelry Necklaces

Through wisely building after the overwhelmingly beautiful allure and ever stylish appeal of fine sterling jewelry, it seems that the Italians are once again taking fashion world by surprise. mens tennis necklace

As the world market leaders in the appearance of upscale, fashion-forward, charms design, the artisans of Firenze, Italy are once again making striking and dazzling stylish trends in rolling our seemingly limitless designs in their circular, modular, sterling necklaces, anklet bracelets and anklets, replete with literally hundreds of drops, charms, spacers, clip a lock, spinners, wheels, dangles and even more. 

From classic starter bracelet and necklaces of carefully woven sterling silver leather chain which incorporate comfort and elegance, the person is provided with options aplenty in a wide variety of choices to beautify the most formal night wear to the less difficult fun of sporting and recreational occasions. From merging silver, gold and platinum eagle in modern day designs to the ever popular and affordable cubic zirconia for those zanier moments, the Italians have formulated lines that meet nearly every need and budget.

Intended for some occasions there will be the interpretations and designs that we have come to associate with the nation that offers the Ferrari and Lamborghini and for others
there are beads of every condition and style to celebrate favorite athletics and life’s memories. Even male and female celebs are actually to be seen on tennis courts with these new round styles, replacing the previously popular diamonds tennis bracelets.

Not any designer has done more to contribute to the almost exploding realm of Italian Modular earrings than Biagi. Actually in modern-day twisted, turn around kind of compliment to the lives of fashion designers, the counterfeiters are already in sway to duplicate Biagi with cheaply made stainless steel copies. Thinking about the beauty of a natural silver patina and the inherent value of genuine silver, one has a hard time imagining stainless as a part of one’s legacy of heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation, specially when noting the affordability of traditional works.

True Biagi has deep roots in Firenze, the quintessential home of the world’s best know and recognized jewlery craftsmen. Even the name Biagi has come to represent the best possible in design and handmade earrings workmanship. With the uniqueness and versatility of each article, they can be put together to develop a way statement reflecting every user and every occasion.

In contrast to previous permutations of do it yourself charms the lightweight, circular beaded bracelets and jewellery are as comfortable as they are stylish thanks to their ability to float freely with the wearer’s movements. To create segments of special interest, there are even a lock that quickly snap into place and spacers to include just that special touch of emphasis.

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