Las Vegas Offers Several Exciting Thanksgiving Helicopter Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here. If you want to spend the getaway doing something more exciting than eating and drinking, then consider going on a heli-copter tour of the Grand Canyon. There is no better way to see the Canyon than from a helicopter and there are plenty of travels and possibilities when you depart from Vegas. These tours complete fast during holidays, so if you would like the best deal and confirmed seats, you need to reserve your tour in advance. Zambezi Safari Lodges

Heli-copter tours out of Vegas go to the West Rim only because the South Casing is too a long way away for the choppers to make the circular trip. The flight path from Vegas to the West Rim passes right over Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, so you get a great view of them from the air. At the time you book your tour, you can choose a landing tour or one which just flies over the Canyon. You’ll have to pay much more for a landing tour, but if you can afford it, you should go for it because you’ll get the chance to have some adventures you’ll never forget. 

About The Getting Tours

My favorite travel to recommend is the Champagne Picnic tour that lands on the Gosier floor where you can enjoy the picnic and then explore the location on foot. This particular travel is one of the most popular helicopter travels to the West Edge, so the seats fill up fast, in fact, the tours often sell out three days ahead of time.

You can add other adventures to this tour too, like a vessel tour along the scenic Colorado River. You’ll appreciate the view from the river as your boat wends its way along the base of the towering walls. Another fun add-on is a helicopter flight to the most notable of the rim therefore you can walk on the Skywalk. In case you don’t know, the Skywalk is a huge viewing platform that hangs over the advantage of the Canyon for about 70 feet. You will have a spectacular view of the Canyon, and you may peer through the cup floor all the way to the Canyon floor 4000 feet below you.

Choose Your Heli-copter

In addition to choosing your tour and add-ons, you’ll also have to choose the type of helicopter you will fly on. Do that by booking a regular or deluxe tour, here are the variations between the two. AStar and Bell Rangers are used on standard travels. While these are dependable very safe helicopters, they are not modern or designed specifically for sightseeing. You will have a great view on the conventional teeth, but you may still need to upgrade to a deluxe tour for an improved tour experience.

Deluxe trips fly on EcoStar 145 helicopters. These helicopters are suitable for the ultimate sightseeing experience, and you’ll see why. Your flight will be much quieter in an EcoStar, and the cabin rentals are 20 percent greater than the older model choppers, so that your flight will be more comfortable. A good thing about flying on an EcoStar is that it has a massive 180-degree viewing window that provides the finest panoramic view possible in your flight. In addition, every seat has a great view since they are arranged stadium style.

More Benefits

The standard tours take off from an airfield in Boulder City, which is close to Vegas. It takes about 40 minutes for the shuttle service to get from The Strip to Boulder Metropolis. Deluxe tours on the other hand, take off from the Vegas Deprive, and you’ll be picked up and taken back to your hotel in a limousine rather than a standard shuttle bus. The deluxe tour makes your Vegas trip and Encolure tour even more enjoyable since you’ll feel like a VIP with all the nice perks. Plus, the deluxe tour comes with a flyover of The Strip, so you get an impressive view of the attractions, resorts, and neon lights of the city.

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