Key Potential Problems And Risks of Reseller Hosting Business That All Reseller Need To Be Aware Of

Reseller Web Hosting has significantly gained its popularity one of many different types of web hosting which are available in the market today. Reseller hosting is a great way to earn additional income in if one has the interest and willing knowledge in running their own reseller hosting business whether for part-time or full time.

Despite the great prospect of viewing attractive returns from this reseller business within a short duration of time, normally in less than 9 months time. Not any one should rush visit heels into this business without having careful concern and assessments on some of the potential problems and risks with this type of web hosting business in the long term. wordpress hosting theme

1. Absence of control –
In the Reseller hosting business, the reseller only has its own limited control over what they can do and what they cannot do. It is the hosting company that the reseller is “partnering” with who holds a sizable degree of the power on the principles and process of the web hosting itself. 

2. Uncontrollable downtime –
The Reseller is not responsible of the web-hosting server and there is absolutely nothing that they can do to decide or to influence or increase the downtime of their web-hosting server. In many instances, the webhost which you are getting the web spaces from does not have the same mind and urgency for the downtime as much as you have for your clients.
This will likely bring a lot of headaches for you, and in the end your reseller business will wrap up with bad labels and reputation because for your clients, you are their web hosting company which offer your reseller plan and services. The webhost is transparent to them in this situation. There is nothing that you can help when this happen. Thus, in order to avoid getting yourself into this situation, check out carefully prove background and find away more in conditions of their downtime frequency and the quality of their customer service. Search for professional advice and testimonials. Analysis as much as possible before getting locked into a partnership with the hosting company.

3. Not sure on the types and version of the program and hardware employed by the hosting company –
It is transparent to the reseller on the types and technology of the software or hardware which are being used by the hosting company. Should the hosting company remains hanging on with their aging EOL hardware, which constantly creating needless down-time and incompatibility to support some of the latest software in the market. It is the reseller who will get all the blames and accusation when this occurred.

4. Doubtful reliability and service quality of the hosting company –
Top quality should always be the key attracting factor for any reseller first and foremost the rest of the standards. Opting for a reseller plan from a hosting company that doesn’t have quality products and services will only jeopardize the reseller business very quickly. With the increasing competitiveness in this tough industry, your competition are always looking away for in order to over-take you whenever they can. In worst case scenario, the reseller may need to flip up their business at the end of the day.

5. Ensuring that the pricing structure is reasonable and accordance –
The charges of the hosting company must be reasonably quoted determined by the general market price trend. Any variances out by more than 10% as compared to the marketplace price will be considered as non-compliance, assuming the service quality and web hosting options are averagely the same.

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