Improve Eye Health For Employees In Your Business

A recently available survey conducted by a leading health insurer has revealed some eye-opening reports on eye health in relation to the country’s workforce. Optometrist Calgary

During 22 – 28th September 2014, six, 000 staff were investigated with 53% claiming that their current working environment has had a negative result on their eye health. Common complaints included vision strain, headaches, blurred eyesight and dry eyes, with VDU’s being determined as the chief culprit in the growing number of cases in which employees were suffering from work related eye problems. The chair of National Attention Health week, David Cartwright said, “Prolonged screen use can put enormous tension on eyes and result in episodes of stress. very well

Moreover to work related eye problems, numerous other conditions can affect attention sight including age-related deterioration, glaucoma and diabetes. A great eye test is the foremost way to diagnose any attention problem to discover if the environment in which an employee works is having a negative impact on their vision. Intended for work related eye conditions, the best course of action for both organisations and employees is to use corporate eye treatment services such as those provided by well-known opticians.

Here are some top tips to promote good eye health in the workplace. Employees should be encouraged to:

– Have a comprehensive eye test with a reputable opticians
– Wear protective eyewear that is suited to the working environment such as VDU glasses in offices and safety goggles in labs
– Use anti-glare display protectors for VDU’s and arrange work desks so that bright reflections on the screen from glass windows and other light resources are reduced
– Stick to the 20-20-20 rule to prevent digital eye stress and counteract eye stress and fatigue. This involves looking away from the monitor every 20 minutes for 20 seconds while centering on things 20 feet away

Lawful health and safety requirements stipulate that employers are legally obliged to pay the full cost of an eye test and spectacles if necessary for VDU use. The health insurer’s survey revealed that 32% of employees were unaware of this legal requirement. Fortunately, there are solutions for businesses who are concerned about looking after employee eye health in a professional, dependable and cost-effective manner. Corporate and business eye care packages a good way for businesses to help their employees get a discount on suitable eye wear. Moreover, these packages cover the employer’s legal commitments to employees who use VDU screens.

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