GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems: Do I Need One?

GPS DEVICE vehicle tracking systems are usually more affordable and more popular than previously, but do you need one? Make use of this short puzzle and keep a record of your ‘yes’ answers. I’ll help you total your credit score and decide when you end. DFM Flow Meters

Step One: Take Test

Do I use vehicles during my business? Yes/No (The meaning of ‘vehicles’ includes heavy, medium and light vehicles, construction equipment (dozers, graders, backhoes, etc), vehicles, motorcycles, RV’s, pick-up vehicles, vans, tractor trailers, vehicles, trailers, dump trucks, snow plows, limousines, taxis, and so forth. ) 
Have any of my vehicles been thieved in the past? Yes/No
Let me really know what is heading on and where my employees/vehicles are in the daytime: Yes/No
I’d like to reduce my fuel expenses and know if any of my vehicles are throwing away gas: Yes/No
Being able to give my customers accurate and precise arrival/delivery estimates is important in my opinion: Yes/No
It is important to know if any of my vehicles are being used after hours or on weekends for non-business purposes: Yes/No
I’d like save up to 30% on my vehicle insurance: Yes/No
It is important to know if my employees are speeding or harming my vehicles: Yes/No
In the event any of my employees are using my vehicles to ‘moonlight’ or do work without my knowledge, I’d need to know: Yes/No
Bearing in mind about mechanical problems before they become expensive to fix is important: Yes/No
If any of my vehicles are ever lost, Let me locate them within minutes: Yes/No
Permit me have vehicle use data to compare with overtime requests as a way to guard against errors and fraud: Yes/No
I need a reminder when it is time to do routine maintenance on my vehicles: Yes/No
From time to time, customers question when we were at their location, having the exact particular date and time recorded inside our tracking system would really help in those situations: Yes/No
I’d like to help my employees be more productive by viewing where they go each day: Yes/No
Step Several: Total Your ‘Yes’ Right answers
Add up your ‘yes’ answers.

Fewer than six ‘yes’ answers: Thanks for taking the quiz, you don’t appear to want/need a car tracking system.
six to 11 ‘yes’ answers: Appreciate your taking the questions. You could greatly gain from a vehicle checking system.
More than eleven ‘yes’ answers: Thanks for taking the quiz. You desire a vehicle tracking system.
By the way, every question above (except question 1 & 2) is answered by using GPS UNIT vehicle tracking systems.
Stage Three: Cost or Gain

The average business owner recoups their investment in GPS vehicle tracking systems within 6 – doze months after purchase. Of course, your ROI may vary. Recovering one lost vehicle may pay for your complete tracking system.

Vehicle tracking helps you reduce operating costs and boosts productivity.

Tracking systems reduce vehicle costs by putting a spotlight on speeding employees, who waste material fuel, cause excessive engine wear and drive up insurance costs. Vehicle monitoring systems will also advise you if it’s time for preventive maintenance, like oil changes, helping you keep the vehicles on the road and causing you to money.

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