Gorgeous Multi-Use Coiled Bamboo and Lacquered Coconut Bowls

Why do not you deal with yourself with a sparkling variety of bowls on your kitchen or eating room this autumnthey may deliver a wonderful splash of coloration and you may revel in all the sensible uses of these surprisingly robustnatural bowls. coconut shells

First there may be coconut bowls by Bambu, revolutionary and splendidly chunky, produced by carefully lacquering coconut shells. each coconut is precise… and so is each bowl. crafted from half a wiped clean, polished coconut shell, the indoors is lined with toughmealssecure PU lacquer, ideal for warm and cold foods. As you can believe they’re now notsecure for dishwashers but they are first-class and simple to easy with warm, soapy water. And the colors are deliciouspick from vividwarm yellow and stylish leafy green, scarlet and turquoise. mix ‘n’ match or buy a matching set. eithermanner they make a marvellous and thoughtful moral present.

instead have a have a look at deliciously simplecolorful and durable bamboo bowls, produced from coiled strips of bamboo, shaped via hand and completed with a natural food secure lacquer that comes from the cashew nut tree. adorable to observe as well as eminently practicalthey are a actually attractive addition to any kitchen. they’re safe for decent and cold ingredients and, like coconut shell bowls, they’re simple to easy with warm, soapy water.

Use bamboo bowls within the lavatory if you like, to shop soaps or cosmetics. Fill them with pot pourri for a aromatic bed room treat. Or keep your jewelry in them. anything you operate those bowls for, the natural cashew lacquer gives a hardwater-proof finishselect from purplepurplered, lime green, leaf inexperienced, deep blue, sunny yellow, calm brown and cool black… plus a restful herbal wooden endbeauty, ethics and practicality rolled into one… how can you face up to?!

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