Data Is the New Soil for Agriculture!

Big Data & the US Agriculture Industry

“Data is the new Oil”. This kind of was not the first occasion when we observed this expression. We read it from the insurance, manufacturing and the health-related industry leaders. But strangely enough in the recent times the futuristic big data technology, is a subject widely discussed with the oldest and traditional companies – the Agricultural Sector. fusionex founder


So why is there much talk and more importantly big purchases and acquisitions happening in the Big Data stats space within the harvesting business? Why suddenly farming efficiency is underscored like never before and yield-per-acre is the most learned metric available? 

Interestingly, answers to these group of “Why” inquiries can be linked to another big and bold question that is an abbreviation for before us, that is “”How to feed the increasing population by 2050? ”

Presently the world population is at six. 2 billion and the additional 2 billion is a huge number. Imagine adding two more countries of the size of India (world’s second most populated nation) in the food demand basket!

Also, if we juxtapose the ESTE World population estimates with the Per capita Cultivable land figures provided by World Bank, we might be able to understand the gravity of the situation. We need to produce and deliver food to the 9 million from even lesser land and decreasing water property in the next more than 30 years. The population increase puts huge pressure on the Ag-industry at various dimensions. Added challenge, the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture), estimates that the plantation productivity, measured in yield-per-acre, needs to increase by a wonderful 60% from the present figures.


“Mankind was born on the planet. This was never meant to die here”! The known movie quote from Interstellar inspires us of the fact that each time your race has faced with real crisis, we have stood up and come up with amazing innovations to tackle the situation. Therefore, let all of us have a quick consider the history of agriculture and see how a Ag industry has tackled similar difficulties in the past using technology and took the farm productivity to the next level.

To be sure, with every new innovation each and every stage, the productivity levels improved greatly. Since a huge portion of us know the account of farming till the biotechnology era, let all of us give attention to the most recent advancements i. e. Finely-detailed agriculture and Big Info.

Precision agriculture

Precision farming in most straightforward conditions is the use of precise and exact numbers of inputs like, fertilizer, pesticide and, water at the right moment to the collect for increasing its production and maximizing its produces. The GPS technology sped up the adoption and use of precision agriculture as it allows detailed and accurate mapping of the farms. Together with the GPS and the choice Support systems installed in the computer, the farmer gets information about the position of his harvest and which portion of the farm requires inputs such as pesticide or fertilizer.

Big Info in Culture

In the last two decades, the agriculture world has inconspicuously been introduced to data accumulation technology thanks to the technology explosion. Park equipment manufactures incorporated, data capturing systems into their tractors and farm devices. Soil moisture levels, flower growth stage and may other data is captured as the tractor techniques. Also the best farms started out utilizing programming applications to deal with their field operations. This has come in capture of huge farm data within the last decade.

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