Carbohydrates: A Recipe for Weight Gain

For our bodies to continue to put forth energy, we desire an important resource: sugars. Carbohydrates are the gas our body needs. The problem arises when we use the wrong ‘fuel’. Just like a fine-tuned car needs optimal gasoline for optimal function, we too require the right fuel. apetamin vitamin

What is that wrong fuel? Refined glucose. Refined carbs spell tragedy in conditions of promoting poor health and weight gain. Why? They are essentially empty calories. Although carbohydrates are an essential source of fuel for your body, if you eat too many of them, they will in the end be stored as fat. 

In the event you ingest refined sugars, you may cause the system’s blood sugar levels to quickly spike and just as quickly drop. That is much like tossing a ball high up surrounding this time and watching it rapidly fall to the ground. To pay for this spike, insulin is secreted into the system as a way to lower your blood sugar.

The bigger levels of insulin from sophisticated carbs signal the body to maintain the excessive carbohydrates as fat and not release body extra fat for energy. Insulin is the “Fat Storage Body hormone. ” Higher insulin levels also suppress Glucagon and growth hormones. Glucagon uses up fat and sugar. Progress hormone builds new muscle which is vital for weight loss. Muscle is metabolically active and melts away calories even at snooze. In other words, Glucagon and growth hormone promote fat reduction! Insulin, however, is considered a storage junk. It helps store essential nutrients in our muscle cells and unfortunately, also stores fat.

Now, I am aware the following set of foods can be challenging to separate from.. but sophisticated carbohydrates are unhealthy glucose and cause fat storage space. They rear their unsightly head by means of:

– Light table sweets

-Sweets like pie, candy, candy pubs, fudge and jelly. Various other snacks rich in refined cabohydrate supply include pretzels and eliminato chips.

-High fructose hammer toe syrup (commonly put into many packaged foods), maple viscous syrup, honey, canned fruit quiche filling, applesauce with added sugar, frozen fruit with sugar added and sweetened canned fruit.

-White flour products such as white bread, white pasta, bagels, bread, muffins, white grain and most packaged cereals. White flour combined with sugar adds even more refined carbs to foods like cookies, cakes, cookies and donuts. Always ensure that the word “WHOLE” is in front of the grain such as ‘Whole Wheat’ or ‘Whole Grain’ to avoid consuming refined carbohydrates.

The important thing to your weight loss success is to opt for complex carbohydrates – avoid refined carbohydrates. Why? The body will not over-produce insulin reacting to complex sugars. Remember, refined, processed carbs have nearly no fibers and minimal nutrients – vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential to dull the effects of excess fat storage. These two factors dictate how quickly the food is digested, creating an insulin spike along with protecting against Glucagon and growth hormone. If you still do this, your cells can be more and more sensitive when subjected to complex carbohydrates and you will drop the body fat.

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