Bible Study Recommendations for Young Adults

These kinds of Bible study advice for young adults are for Bible study on a personal, individual level, not for a group. I possess two reasons for choosing this level, the personal, individual level. The first is that I seen that there exists so much literature already on Holy book study on a group level, either in Weekend school or in catechism classes or in other formal and informal groupings, but there is so little on the private, specific level. My second reason is that in my view there are more benefits to be made from a Bible research on an individual level than on a group level. Very many who attend a bunch Bible review do not necessarily develop their Christian life. They just go and grow with the group. At least this has been my personal experience, both in participating and in leading Bible study groups. Torá

My own Experience of Bible Research

I started out to read and study the Holy book on my own (without any human teacher or parent telling me to do it) when I actually was 8 years old but it was only when I was forty-nine years old that I actually got the total benefit for learning the Bible. I are now 65 years old. 

If somebody guided me personally appropriately when I was obviously a young adult of 20 to forty years old how to study the Bible maybe I would have got this full benefit from studying the Scriptures previously and I may have more years of enjoying this benefit. As it occurred I possess enjoyed this advantage for 16 years only by today, rather than a possible 45 years, missing some 29 years when I actually could have enjoyed the complete benefit for studying God’s written Word.

When I was 26 years old We enrolled in a topic on studying the Bible. Yet this was for talking purposes. It was essentially a course on the way to get to the real so this means of a Biblical verse in order to talk about this with the cathedral members by preaching. We learned a lot in this program but it performed not produce the full benefit for Bible study. This was only 23 years later that I acquired the full benefit.

That is my hope and fervent desire that youngsters who read these advice and do them will get the total benefit for Holy book study while they are still young and strong and so enjoy this full benefit many, many years before they leave literally this planet Earth. This is understood and assumed that they do have motivation to study the Bible on their own. After knowing through this article what this full good thing about Bible study is they may be motivated to study the Scriptures on their own and not rely upon a group leader or pastor or priest or catechist to teach them about the term of God.

One: Regarding the Translation of the Holy bible

In the British language the translation that I recommend is the so-called King James or Authorized version. I was a Catholic but I actually recommend this translation for private study of the Bible. I know some of the words there are foreign to something special day reader. That they are called archaic words which participate in the British language in the sixteenth century tend to be no longer used now. But there are replications on this version where at the back of the Bible there is a Bible word list where these words are given equivalents in our time. Get a copy of such a King Wayne version Bible. Many teams of Christians are giving this copy free. Get one.

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