Are Dead People Luckier Than You Sometimes?

“Alas! The only difference between me and a lifeless person is the reality luckily the dead-body does not have breath to bear the disaster that is enough to explode its brain. In opposite, I have always been alive enough to offer with the consequences”.

Have got you have you been in a situation when you feel that being dead is much better than you, living and bearing all that you never want to? Yes! Presently there are at least a thousand situations in entire of the life of a person if this individual or she considers an anonymous dead person to be luckier than normally the one alive.

A Coin Provides Two Sides:

And as with this, the other part of the coin is that the dead and bygone body could bottom to make the present, worst of the most detrimental situations better, which thankfully you could get it done.

And so who goes lucky in this?

And you received to recognize that no subject how worse the situation might be, it is bound to get better with time. As an example, no matter how dark the night is, all the darkness is bound to vanish with rays if lights each day.

Understanding Your life:

What if I notify you that you never have to understand the life, but simply live it?

Yes, the declaration appears though somewhat old, but has some profound and dear secret that is necessary to be understood.

Millions, who have tried to understand their lives, are now only a part of dust particles. Again, those are yet alive, planning to understand what life really is, will someday be a part of dust too.

Thus do you think it is essential to get what life really tends to mean? Come on! You may have all the real careers in the earth such as acting according to the current situation and living it in the path.

Though, I do not really wish you to act foolishly by not understanding the situation, but comprehending a whole individual a lot more completely a very different aspect.

And returning to where we left, this was just to let you know that no form of your sorrow or problems could stop your ‘tomorrow’. The near future is bound to occur, though the tough situations may seem to be to hinder their track by rendering it somewhat slow in the event (though, there is little or nothing as such).

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