A Look at Luxury Yacht Charters

Luxurious yachts are floating hotels at your command. That they vary in length from less than 100 toes to over 300 foot, and a week’s rent is priced between fifty dollars, 000 and $ two hundred fifity, 000. They can allow for up to two-dozen friends and half the quantity of crew. catamaran hire phuket

Apart from the community hall on the deck, supplied with comfortable chairs, lounge and table, a typical luxury yacht has spacious air-conditioned state rooms for everyone, each fitted with an independent bathroom. The yacht also has a kitchen and a well-stocked bar to cater to the palate of the guests. 

Once you hire a yacht for your dream vacation, you may have immediate contact with the gourmet and captain in progress of your journey that will let the folks know your selected foods and beverages and your selected activities to do.

Living in style on the yacht, one can spend good time with friends and family, read a book, pay attention to music, watch TV or maybe laze around. One can also experience such pleasurable activities as swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing, sunning or perhaps sipping a cool drink in the hue of the cockpit.

The company that provides you the yacht on charter can also make arrangements on the islands you visit for other activities like fishing, golfing, hiking, horse back riding, jogging, mountain-biking, windsurfing, picnicking on a private beach, jet-skiing, scuba snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing and so on.

You need not worry about getting lost at sea or working into rough waters while on a yacht rental vacation. You are in the safe hands of the captain, who is equipped with radio set in place, global positioning system (GPS) and a satellite mobile phone.

A luxury yacht hire is well suited for a group of folks which can be part of a family, a good group, a special-interest group or an exclusive membership.

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